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When you come to Auto Leasing Boston, everything we do is designed to get you the most value for your car. This means getting you top value for your new lease as well as helping you get top value for any existing asset you have to trade in. To facilitate this, we staff a full-service appraisal team trained in every facet of appraising cars in Massachusetts. We’ll make sure you get a thorough and complete Boston car appraisal and offer you the very top value for your trade in vehicle.

What Our Boston Appraisers Look For

When we appraise a car in Boston for a trade in, we look at dozens of factors that contribute to its real value in the current marketplace. This includes things like make model, and age of the car as well as more obscure factors including things like mileage, wear and tear, upgrades, additions, and even the vehicle’s ownership and accident history. We’ll weigh all these factors and then give you the top trade in appraisal we can to help you get on the road fast in your next new car lease in Massachusetts.

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